Sunday, May 17, 2009

Striped Bass Fishing Trip 2009

Mines Bigger than Yours!

Michael, Ron and I decided we needed to take a man's fishing trip. We decided on Smith Lake with guide. he would scout out where all the fish were and all we have to do is reel 'em in. We left our houses at about 5am that morning. Let's just say we were not in the best of moods. When we all arrived at the guides house, we were welcomed with a warm cup of coffee and the sight of him putting on his pants. That's not weird at all. We were all packed up and ready to head to the boat. the sun was just starting to come up on the horizon. The water was calm and the lake was quiet. Right up to the point where we cranked up the motor and started heading out. This was to be an all day fishing trip. The guide provided us with drinks and food. We headed out to the first spot. It was a bit windy in the morning and luckily the guide had a jacket for me to wear. I have no clue what I was thinking by not bringing a jacket. He began baiting the hooks and dropping them in the water. We pretty much just sat around and waited until something took the bait. It wasn't long until we got our fist bite. The adrenaline starts rushing. Damn. The first one gets away. The guide rebaits and drops it back in the water. Another bite! I grab the rod and start reeling this monster in. Now we're awake. The excitement of the first catch of the day. After battling for a minute, I finally get my first fish. It was around 14lbs. Which I'll go ahead and tell you, it was the biggest one we caught all day. We catch this big boy and throw him in the cooler. Same routine, rebait and drop them in the water. We try a different spot and try our luck. After just minutes of arriving to the new spot, we get another bite. Now Ron is working to pull this one in. It's going to be a beauty either way. A fish is a fish. Now everyone on the boat has caught one. We were very anxious to get our second fish on board. We try several more spots before we get another bite. At this point, I have to pee pretty bad. The guide them feels the need to show me how to pee off of a boat. He stands immediately next to me, leans on the rail, and whips it out. Talk about uncomfortable. I don't need a guy showing me how to pee. Now Michael and Ron are having a good laugh at my expense. As the day progresses, we start getting hungry. Let's see what the guide brought us for lunch. Peanut butter crackers, peanuts, beef jerky, and water! You have got to be kidding me. I missed breakfast and this was all we had to eat. I was so hungry that I was about to cook up one of the fish.  Soon, the hunger is forgotten though. We had several more bites which brought the excitement back. Everyone caught two fish that day. I, of course, caught the largest of the group. Pretty small and average among others but I won today.