Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ocoee Whitewater Rafting and Camping 2009

Whitewater Rafting

5am rolls around pretty quickly especially after a long night battling rain on your face inside a tent. We all rolled out of bed and got dressed pretty quickly. It was a little early but the excitement was starting to build up. The adrenaline was a little slow catching up but nothing a few cups of coffee and caffeine can't fix. we secured our luggage and brought a change of clothes with us. We piled back into the car and started our journey to the Ocoee site. We arrived at our rafting site in about 1.5 hours. We go into this log cabin and announce that our group has arrived. There many groups there as well. everybody had that same nervous but excited smile on their faces. We soon were corralled down to a supply room where we received our life vest, helmet, and paddle. Then corralled onto an old school bus that was still wet inside from where it rained the night before. Everybody is now ready to have some fun. It's about a 20 min ride to the actual launch site. There, we were assigned our rafts and guides. We learned the basics of staying in the boat and when to paddle. It's now all just building up to the moment we hit the water. After several minutes of instruction, we carry the raft down to the water. The adventure begins. I'll let the pictures tell the story from here.

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